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November 2016

Calling all bee breeders!

Do you run a queen breeding operation in Canada and want to contribute to honey bee research? Continue reading “Calling all bee breeders!”

Combating the peer review woes: An argument for the preprint paper

For us scientists, publishing our work in a respected scientific journal is one of our top priorities. To do this, it must pass the gates of peer review. . . The idea behind peer review is simple: Step 1) editor filters out garbage papers that aren’t worth the reviewers’ time; Step 2) send the paper to expert scientists in the field to identify strengths, flaws and overall worthiness; Step 3) reject, accept, or return the paper to the authors for corrections. This process of getting expert feedback on each other’s work is a good idea at its core, but some things about this system are broken. Continue reading “Combating the peer review woes: An argument for the preprint paper”

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