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This year, let’s get up close and personal with nature

We need more contact with the natural world if we really hope to preserve it

Read the full article at UBC Magazine

A tale of two hemoglobins

Stuart Orkin discovered a molecular switch that could lead to cures for common blood diseases

Cartoon by Armin Mortazavi

Article by Alison McAfee

Full educational materials (comics, article, and classroom activities) can be found here.

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Braula: These clingy, flightless flies are expanding their range

Photo by Shelley Hoover

Originally published in American Bee Journal

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Extreme heat waves threaten honey bee fertility and trigger sudden death

Read the full article in The Conversation

Research bulletin: Shipping nucs and risks of overheating

In collaboration with Marlene Jennings and Jonathan Jakes

Originally published in Hivelights

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Can bees make funny honey?

Cannabis is becoming a prevalent crop, but it doesn’t mean your honey will have a buzz

Feature photo by Felix Brönnimann (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Originally appeared in American Bee Journal.

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Research bulletin: Keeping nucs cool in a heatwave

By Alison McAfee and Emily Huxter

Originally published in Hivelights.

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The secret lives of drones

New research is settling the debate over whether drone congregation areas really exist

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The pandemic that broke the honey bee supply chain

Canada’s beekeeping industry is vulnerable to border closures and we need a sustainable, domestic supply

This article also appeared in the Alberta Bee News Magazine

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