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Transgenic honey bees: Should they take wing in the field, or stay in the lab?

Love it or hate it, in this INK article I argue that genetic engineering is not inherently evil. Whether it’s good or bad is dictated by the context, motive, and intent – not the technology.


Breeding a better bee: Three social immunity traits, one massive experiment

Photo: Amanda Goodman-Lee
Sick honey bee colonies can be treated with antibiotics and miticides, but pathogens are evolving resistance to fight back. Now, researchers have developed a new counter-attack.

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Full texts now available

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a quick note saying that all articles that have appeared in American Bee Journal have been updated to contain the article text & figures instead of short excerpts. The article on Hives for Humanity will be appearing in the October issue, at which time I’ll make that full text available too. Enjoy!

Neonics: The answered and unanswered questions

Neonicotinoid pesticides (neonics, for short) have been a hot topic in popular media and scientific research alike. But we still haven’t answered what is, in my opinion, the most critical question of all: Is there a better alternative? Continue reading “Neonics: The answered and unanswered questions”

Hives for Humanity: Using bees for social empowerment in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

Photo: Sarah Common
A Canadian mother-daughter team is bringing life and colour to the Hastings homeless community by installing therapeutic apiaries and gardens. Continue reading “Hives for Humanity: Using bees for social empowerment in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside”
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Insights into the life of a Varroa mite

Photo: Alison McAfee
VARROA DESTRUCTOR MITES are the number one reason for honey bee colony losses. And yet, we know extremely little about their fundamental biology.

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Tell me a story: What Beakerhead taught me about the spirit of SciComm

In an era littered with misinformation, scientists feel more pressure than ever to make their point and make it stick. Thankfully, Beakerhead is here to help. Continue reading “Tell me a story: What Beakerhead taught me about the spirit of SciComm”

The diversity dispute

Could inbreeding be causing the honey bee health challenges we see today? Continue reading “The diversity dispute”

Points of debate: Exploring pollinator misconceptions

In the “post-truth” era, it is increasingly difficult to discriminate fact from fiction and information surrounding honey bees is no exception. My goal in this piece is to explore some of the most common misconceptions about honey bees and provide some tools that can help mitigate the spread of misinformation. In this article, I’ll be answering some relatively simple questions which have surprisingly complex answers Continue reading “Points of debate: Exploring pollinator misconceptions”

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